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Building & Contents Grade II listed by English Heritage. "is a remarkably complete example of a relatively small plant" 


Winners of a Listed Status Award from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  


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Video - History of Coleham Pumping Station by Ian Cooper. here


The sounds of the pumping station working during 1968.

From the engine room.

From the basement.

Water pump top level.

    Work has been progressing on the level below the main machine floor. The sewage pump tops have been cleaned and painted. The floor has been cleaned as there was quite a build up of oil and grease that had been transferred from the gears to the floor!

    One of the pictures shows the view that the public have of the pump heads. They rise and fall as the engine turns over - quite mesmerising really!

    We have taken the opportunity to add spiral stripes to the valve gear operating rods to highlight the fact that they are revolving.

    Also added has been some oil trays to catch oil that drips from the gear wheel bearings. This type of machinery is lubbricated on the total loss principle which means exactly what it says... Any oil that is put in at the top level will eventually fall out of the bottom!! This can make quite a mess at times. No such thing as a sump to catch the oil as in your car!!

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